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8. Miscellaneous

8.1 Where do I find artwork (screenshots, control panels, flyers, icons, etc.) to use with MAME (or a frontend)?

Note: All the "extras" files, as these files tend to be called, also get posted to the MAME related newsgroups from time to time.

For icons see: and/or

For artwork see: and/or

For snapshots / screenshots, and cabinet pictures see:

For control panel pictures see:

For marquees see:

For flyers see:

For titles see:

8.2 How do I find the name of 'That Game'?

So, there was a particular arcade game that you loved playing down at your local arcade. And now, you'd love to find it again. The only problem is, that you don't know the name?

First, you might try the following search-engine:

If these couldn't provide you with the name, then feel free to post a message in or another of the arcade emulation newsgroups. Now, above all, you must remember that people can only help you, *if* you provide enough information. So, tell us as much you can remember! And try, if possible, to do a comparison to a well-known game! Always try to include the following:

It is much easier to identify:
It was a horizontal shoot-em-up'er from around approx 1988 somewhat similar to "Nemesis"/"Darius", only with multiple power-ups centered around an invincible sphere that could be attached at will to the front or the back of your ship. Oh, and I think the bad guys were called the Buydeau or something...
Than it is to identify this:
U flew around in A type of spaceship and U could blow things up... and U could get power-upz!
For these kind of questions, it is recommended that you add a [NAME?]-tag to the subject-line of your post, along with a few descriptive words, like:
[NAME?] SciFi Shooter with Invinci-ball?

8.3 Why isn't game XXX emulated yet?

There may plenty of reasons for this. For more specific answers in regard to the game in question, you might be able to find an answer at either:


8.4 How do I perform the *SPECIAL MOVE* in '*GAME TITLE*'?

For very specific gameplay information you could try and take a look at, they may have something useful.

Another site also worth visiting is RCATT - Roger's Classic Arcade Tips & Tricks at

Or you could simply try a search on the gamename on a regular search-engine. If this doesn't come up with anything useful, then feel free to post your question in

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