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1. About this FAQ

1.1 New Versions

The newest version of this FAQ will be posted to the newsgroup on the first of every month. The section titled "Most Frequently Asked Questions" will be posted every monday as a seperate mini-FAQ.

This FAQ is available in HTML at

1.2 What is new in this version?

5 Jun 2006

19 Jul 2005

1 Feb 2005

5 Jan 2005

1.3 Acknowledgments

This FAQ was started by Kenny Hutchings.

The following people have made contributions to this FAQ (alphabetical order):

Other persons may or may not have also contributed to this FAQ.

1.4 Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or corrections for this FAQ please feel free to email me at

I can also be reached on the newsgroup. If it is even remotely important use email.

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